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40 + Complete Multivitamin
The Proactive Approach to Supporting Vibrant Health After 40Rainbow Light's 40+ Complete Multivitamin goes beyond just meeting your nutritional needs. This scientifically advanced multivitamin is specifically designed to protect all the systems of your body from free radicals and addressa range of health concerns of adults over 40. 40+ Complete Multivitamin features ingredients that: Provide targeted antioxidant protection to different body systems. It features standardized extracts of ginkgo ("the mind herb"), hawthorn ("the heart herb"), milk thistle ("the liver herb") and bilberry ("the eye herb"). Support the health of the arteries and heart, such as vitamin E. Support boneand joint health, like calcium and vitamin D. Have traditionally been considered hebal digestives, such as atractylodes and ginger, plus plant-source enzymes to help break down foods.
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