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Buy Active Health Teen Multi Vitamin Online

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Active Health Teen Multi Vitamin
Food-Based with Skin-Clearing Action Complete Nutrition with Energizing Foods & Herbs Multivitamin Supplement Complete Nutrition for Teenagers with Skin-Clear Action Teenagers have specific nutritional needs that are different from kids' or adults'. Rainbow Light's Active Health Teen Multivitamin specifically addresses those needs, with vitamins and minerals in just the right potencies for teenagers, whose nutrient intakes often do not meet the demands that rapid growth and physical activity put on their bodies. Active Health Teen Multivitamin is really two products in one because it also features the skin-clearing action of our DermaComplex herbal blend. And with our flexi-dose formula, teens can adjust the dosage from one to three tablets a day based on their diets and the health of their skin. Active Health Teen Multivitamin features: • A complete range of the nutrients teenagers need, including high potency B-complex to support nervous system health, energy production and pleasant mood; with calcium and magnesium for healthy bone formation. • A proprietary DermaComplex herbal blend, featuring herbs traditionally used to support healthy liver function, which in turn supports clear, healthy skin. • A base organic† vegetable juice and superfoods, to provide whole food nutrition and support vitality, plus plant-source enzymes for easier digestion with or between meals. Guarantee: Hypoallergenic. Contains no animal products, sugar, lactose or allergenic yeasts. Free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives. If not completely satisfied, return to Rainbow Light for a full refund. The antioxidant-packed multivitamins for countering stress & increasing vitality. Targeted nutrition for teens plus skin-clearing action in a flexi-dose formula teens can customize to their needs. Addresses the special needs of teens by delivering nutrients in potencies often lacking in teens’ diets. Features the skin-clearing action of our DermaComplex herbal blend plus higher potencies of nutrients that support skin health — all in a whole food base.
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