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Advanced Nutritional System
Nutrient, Food and Herb System with EnzymesIn today's modern world of stress, pollution and processed foods, antioxidant protection and targeted support to counter stress are more important than ever before. In fact, preventing oxidation from free radicals has been associated with greater vitality and better long-term health. Advanced Nutritional System(tm) multivitamin is the most scientifically advanced, antioxidant-packed and stress-fighting multivitamin ever created, delivering:- High-potency anitoxidant protection, from a wide range of sources. It features nutrient antioxidants such as 400Iu of beta-carotene (plus 7,500IU of vitamin A, for a total of 25,000IU of vitamin A activity) as well as food-derived and herbal antioxidants for protection against all types of free radicals.- The energizing and nourishing benefits of over 1300mg of superfoods and vegetable concentrates such as spirulina, tomatoes and broccoli.- Comprehensive nutritional support from a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health.- A complete herbal formula featurning eleuthero (Siberian ginseng), and delivering 2260mg (herbal powder equivalent) of herbs to support the body's natural defenses and encourage overall vitality. - Digestive support, from plant-source enzymes and digestive herbs. GUARANTEE: Hypoallergenic. Contains no sugar, lactose, or allergenic yeasts. Free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives. If not completely satisfied, return to Rainbow Light for a full refund.
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