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Buy Earth Source Multi-Nut. Tabs Online

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Earth Source Multi-Nut. Tabs
As humans, we are supposed to get all the nutrients we need to live from the food we eat. That's the way nature intended. Unfortunately, human lives are much more complex than centuries ago. We can't afford to spend all day foraging for food like our ancestors. That's why the nutritional researchers at Solgar formulated Earth Source Multi-Nutrient Tablets, a multi-nutrient formula that provides all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids of a multivitamin plus whole food concentrates. Whole food concentrates are some of the most nutritionally potent plant foods on earth. Plant foods such as, spirulina, wheat grass and sprouted barley juice, flaxseed oil, chlorella and garlic are bursting with bioflavonoids, enzymes, nucleic acids, cell salts, pigments and other healthful substances unique to natural plant foods. To make their formula even more complete, they've included their Megasorb B vitamins, mineral chelates and complexes and other nutrients in their most absorbable form to ensure optimal utilization. Earth Source is also a completely vegetarian formula, so it is an excellent supplement to a vegetarian diet.
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