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No frills, just a great source for Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements online
Life Essence
We all know that vitamins and minerals are required for good health, and that they're hard to find in modern foods. But, so are many other nutrients. With this in mind, we've created Life Essence not just as a multiple, but as a complete metabolic support system. It does, of course,provide vitamins and minerals, but adds mixed tocopherols and carotenoids, chlorophyll, bioflavonoids, and scores of co-nutrients to ensure proper balance. Life Essence also provides grape seed extract, green tea extract, MSM, alpha lipoic acid, and L-Cysteine for superior anti-oxidant protection. Plus, Life Essence includes a full 120mg of standardized ginkgo biloba, to enhance micro-circulation and memory. Most importantly, Life essence contains concentrates of nutrient-dense green foods and tonic herbs that equate to over 12,500mg worth of whole food power - up to 30 times more than other multiples!These energy-packed concentrates deliver over 800 different phyto-nutrients, enhancing every aspect of metabolism, while supporting all of the body's major organs and glands.
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